What a Boudoir Photo Session Will Do for You

Whether you are a plus sized girl (we prefer “curvy”), medium sized or thin, a boudoir photo session will make you feel like a $$$$ million bucks!

Even if you already have lots of self-confidence, a boudoir session will increase your confidence tremendously.  Not only will our makeup artists make you look like a supermodel, but you will feel like one, too!  Nothing will empower you more than our photo sessions.  And if you are camera shy, you won’t be by the time you get in front of our camera.  Our staff is all female and our studio is comfortable, homey and private.

Our clients get many more beautiful images to choose from mainly, because we have already spent considerable time with you picking out the best poses for your body style. Do you have a few rolls or belly fat?  Not a problem for Donna Ditges, Foto Flix’s photographer.  She will position you in a pose that will hide those rolls while at the same time, accentuating your curves.

Foto Flix Boudoir Photography Orlando FL

Tastefully nude

See for yourself.  This client is a size 22 and she had the most beautiful curves.  Yes, she has some rolls, but we can hide them just by the position of her arms and by covering her strategically with a sheet so that her stomach is concealed and one beautiful curvy leg is extended to show just enough skin.  We like to call a shot like this tastefully nude!  With Donna’s creativity, you will not need a lot of expensive lingerie.  In fact, you could get away with no lingerie at all just by using props (a hat, a pillow, your hand, etc.) to cover the essentials.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation. You can see our studio, props, and if you hire us at your consultation, we can put together a Posing Plan you can take home.  A Posing Plan helps you get more poses  you like and ensures you will like… no LOVE!, more than the 10 retouched photos that come with our bundles. And if you would like an artistic piece for your bedroom, we can include a pose just for that. Of course, you are not limited to 10 photos.  We can always add more to your order.

If you are curvy and need more convincing, here is a great article from a plus size lady about self-esteem and self-love published in Off-Beat Bride.


About fotoflixboudoir

We believe every woman is beautiful and we make her feel even more beautiful with our makeovers and our techniques with lighting and posing. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and to tour our studios and boudoir sets. 407-536-7026
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