Complimentary Retouches

At your photo session, we try very hard to get the most flattering photos of you.  However, sometimes, when our clients are selecting their favorite photos, they may see one they really like “if only….”  We tell them to let us know if there is something in a photo they don’t like, because some things we can fix with Photoshop.

With Photoshop, we can make you look slimmer, remove unsightly bruises, stretchmarks and cellulite or even fix hair that is out-of-place.  We perform some photo corrections free of charge; however, major fixes that are very time consuming do incur additional charges.  We let you know beforehand which changes may be costly.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go over the retouches that are included.

Photo Edits – First, we edit your photos at your party or individual photo shoot as follows:  color correction and cropping. These initial edits are shown ON THE SAME DAY immediately following your photo session.

Basic Retouches – After you select your favorite photos for your photo book or print purchase, we will perform basic retouches as follows at no extra charge:

    • Apply initial skin smoothing
    • Sharpen and/or brighten the eyes
    • Minimal wrinkle, cellulite & stretch mark reduction
    • Removal of light cords or obvious distractions

Basic v Advanced

Advanced Retouches –  require an extra charge and include:

Click on photo to enlarge

Fig. 1 Click on photo to enlarge

    • Major wrinkle reduction
    • Major slimming
    • Complete cellulite removal
    • Color spot (black and white with some color returned; See Fig. 1)
    • Any additional time consuming photo manipulation
    • Green screen
    • Pin up poster or vintage effects
    • Magazine cover

We guarantee your retouches will be ready for your approval within three (3) business days after you select your favorite photos.

Contact us today and schedule your boudoir experience.  We guarantee, you will have a blast!


About fotoflixboudoir

We believe every woman is beautiful and we make her feel even more beautiful with our makeovers and our techniques with lighting and posing. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and to tour our studios and boudoir sets. 407-536-7026
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