What IS Pin Up Photography?

Sometimes people ask me “What IS pin up photography?”

When I first thought of pin up, I thought of the war era when housewives would pose to promote products.  Or calendars featuring beautiful women of the 50s that soldiers would hang in their barracks.  Or some people think of a Playboy centerfold.  Pin up is much more than that.

"Opportunity Knocks"The 50s Pin Up also had the “Girl Next Door” look.  Her poses were sexy but in a classy way.  Often she was in a distressing situation, i.e., her dress gets caught on something revealing the top of her stocking and garter. . . just enough to spark interest.  The model would have a surprised look on her face and her charms were exposed in that fleeting instant when she’s been caught unaware, in what might be an embarrassing situation.  I like to call this the “Oops!” factor.

Today’s pin up has evolved.  Today we aren’t promoting products.  Today pin up is more about the poses.  They can incorporate the “Oops!” factor or not.  Pin up has always been classy – showing just enough to peak interest without giving up the whole farm.  It leaves a lot to the beholder’s imagination, which is sexier than revealing everything.  At Foto Flix Photography, we believe “Less is more!” 

There are certain factors that are present in all pin up photos: 

(1) The Pose: her toes were always pointed, her hands might be in a “dancer’s pose,” her knees were usually together, and most of the time the lady was wearing stockings, a garter and stiletto heels;

(2) The Shoes: her shoes were usually a pump, an open-toe pump, a Mary Jane (pump with strap across the top) or espadrilles (pump with a strap around the ankle);

(3) The Clothing: You would be surprised just how many things we wear today that are pin up style and you probably already have it in your closet.  Your Pin Up photo session does not need to include expensive purchases of clothing you will never wear again.  In our article, “Is Pin Up Style Clothing in Your Closet?”, we have included samples of clothing from a current Victoria’s Secret catalog.  If you’re interested in where to buy pin up and other vintage clothing, click here for a list of articles with recommendations.

(4) The Hairstyles and Makeup.  Read our article “Pin Up Hairstyles and Makeup,” which shows photos of hairstyles and makeup of the Pin Up Era.  Unless you are very familiar with applying different styles of makeup, we highly recommend using our hair and makeup professionals for your photo session.  After all, the makeover is half the fun!

Read all our articles on achieving the Pin Up style at this link. You will find instructional videos on how to apply your own pin up makeup and how to create pin up hairstyles; more photos of pin up hairstyles; photos of pin up clothing and where to find it; help you select clothing you already have in your closet and more.

Finally, I thought you might enjoy a slideshow I found online that shows 50 Years of Pin-Up Models

Contact us today to schedule your sexy boudoir, pin up, glamour or burlesque photo shoot.  We will do your hair and makeup and guide you with the poses, so there is no need to worry that you “don’t know how to pose.” You will have a lot of fun, your self-confidence will get a boost whether you need it or not, and you can either keep the photos for yourself or give them to that special someone to spice up your love life. Even if you don’t have that special someone, the experience will make you feel sexier so the opposite sex will be more attracted to you.  That’s what a self-confidence boost will do for you — seriously.


About fotoflixboudoir

We believe every woman is beautiful and we make her feel even more beautiful with our makeovers and our techniques with lighting and posing. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and to tour our studios and boudoir sets. 407-536-7026
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2 Responses to What IS Pin Up Photography?

  1. Giggles says:

    Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

  2. Perfect article! I am a female pinup photographer in OK, and I was looking for a definition for MY blog on what pin up is (or isn’t!) and stumbled across this! It is absolutely perfect. I don’t think anyone knows how to shoot a woman with sexiness and class better than another WOMAN, and you girls have hit the nail on the head! Great job! With permission, I’ll be linking this to my blog at http://www.wickedwestphotography.com.

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