FAQ for a Foto Flix Boudoir Photography Session

  1. Q.  I would like to do a boudoir session, but I don’t know what looks good on me.

    1. We recommend a complimentary consultation before your photo shoot.  Either bring your lingerie for our opinion, or we can advise you on the types of lingerie that will work best for your figure.  We can also give you ideas for a theme and props.  During your consultation, you can tour our studio and see our sets and go over poses you may prefer.  Getting to know your photographer beforehand will make you feel more at ease during your session.  The more comfortable you are, the more it will show in your photos and the more successful shoot you will have.

  2. Q.  Is a consultation required?

    1. Definitely not.  Some clients know exactly what they want or may be traveling a long way and don’t want to make another trip. However, with a consult, you will see a preview of the materials you will receive upon booking a session with us.  These materials include: poses and facial expressions you can practice beforehand, demo of different shoots you may want, a short video for pin up poses.  Some shoots require more preparation than others; a consult will help you decide what type of shoot you may want so you arrive with everything you need.  Clients who waive the consult find themselves saying, “Oh, I should have brought [this or that].”  If they had come to the consult, they would have known ahead of time.  The consult ensures you will get the most out of your investment.

  3. Q.  When should I schedule a consultation?

    1. Ideally, at least three (3) weeks before your session so you will have time to shop for lingerie and props and do the recommended preparation.  We have done some last minute shoots during our slow season.  However, it is in your best interest if you schedule a consultation at least one week before your shoot so you have time to prepare.

  4. Q.  Do you provide clothing?

    1. We have a few lingerie items; however, we recommend you bring your own lingerie since it is so personal and such a close-fitting item.  We have a few costumes for the Pin Up experience, but not in every size. This is why a consultation is so important, so you can see what we have to make sure you bring everything you need. This advice is to help you get the most out of your investment.

  5. Q.  Do you provide props?

    1. Yes, we have many props.  However, you should check with us if you have particular props in mind.

  6. Q.  Do I have to wear lingerie?

    1. Not at all.  You can wear as much or as little as you want.  Typically, during Pin Up and Glamour shoots, our clients may be fully clothed. Also, a long gown may be worn for more coverage during a lingerie shoot.

  7. Q.  Can I bring someone with me?

    1. Of course.  However, during a boudoir shoot, our studio can get crowded, so we must limit to only one girlfriend.  For best results, we ask that you leave children at home, so as not to inhibit you or distract the photographer.  We do NOT provide babysitting services.

  8. Q.  Do you do nudes?

    1. Yes, but only if they are tasteful.  We do NOT do porn.

  9. Q.  Do you put my photos on your website?

    1. Only if you give us permission.

  10. Q.  Do you provide a hair and makeup artist?

    1. Yes!  We have reasonably priced hair and makeup artists.  We list our hair and makeup prices separately to accommodate those clients who do not want that expense.  You have the option of choosing just makeup or both hair and makeup.

  11. Q.  What should I bring to my shoot?

    1. It depends on the type of shoot you are doing:

      1. Individual Shoots: Every woman’s photo shoot is customized for her.  We don’t do the same poses for everyone, because let’s face it, everyone has different body types.  It also depends on other factors:  the type of shoot you choose: glamour, pin up, boudoir, burlesque; whether or not you have specific ideas, whether or not you want an individual session or a boudoir party, whether or not you need or want to purchase costumes and props.  All of these things will be addressed in our complimentary consultation and you will leave with a list of everything you will need based on your customized shoot.

      2. Boudoir Parties.  Lingerie is such a close fit, it is better that you bring your own.  A consult is only necessary for the hostess of the party, so she will know how to prepare her guests.

  12. Q.  How soon should I schedule my photo shoot?

    1. In addition to boudoir, we are portrait photographers (see our portrait gallery), and slideshow/photo montage designers (view samples here), so we can get pretty busy during spring, graduation and holidays.  We request at least three (3) weeks notice and a month or more if you are scheduling around our busy season.  You can always check with us in case someone cancels.  Also, three weeks gives you time to prepare for your shoot.

  13. Q.  When are you open?

    1. We are available 9:00 am – 6:00 pm on weekdays and sometimes on weekends.  All consultations and photo shoots are by appointment only.

  14. Q.  Is a deposit required?

    1. Yes, we ask for a $175 non-refundable retainer to hold your session date and to schedule your makeup artist.  This amount is applied towards your photo session.  You may mail us a check, pay online by Pay Pal, by phone with a credit card or pay cash at your consultation.

  15. Q.  When is full payment required?

    1. The remaining balance is due one week before your shoot, either by check or credit card.  Only cash will be accepted if paying the balance on the day of your shoot.

  16. Q.  Can I pay online?

    1. Yes.  You can pay online with Pay Pal. You must have a Pay Pal account to pay online. If you do not already have a Pay Pal account, click here: Open a Pay Pal Account.

  17. Q.  Do you take credit cards?

    1. Yes we now take credit cards! You can pay credit either over-the-phone or by Pay Pal with a Pay Pal account. See Question 6 above to create an account. We also take checks and cash.  Checks must be received one week before your scheduled shoot.

  18. Q.  Do you give gift certificates?
    1. Yes.  Gift certificates are non-refundable; however, the recipient is not obligated to do just boudoir.  If she is uncomfortable with this type of photo session, she may select a glamour, pin up or even a family photo equivalent to the gift certificate price.  

If we have not answered any of your questions here, please contact us .  We look forward to meeting you and giving you the ultimate boudoir experience!


About fotoflixboudoir

We believe every woman is beautiful and we make her feel even more beautiful with our makeovers and our techniques with lighting and posing. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and to tour our studios and boudoir sets. 407-536-7026
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