Select A Theme and Props for Your Boudoir Shoot


Part of planning a successful boudoir photo shoot is thinking about the purpose of your shoot.  Is it just for yourself, to preserve your youth and beauty, or is it for your man?  Chances are it will be for both of you, so you should try to incorporate a theme or two into your shoot.  Communicating this with your photographer will help her to make suggestions for possible costumes, props and the studio sets you will select.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Wear your man’s favorite lingerie outfit or buy something new he hasn’t seen before
  2. Wear his favorite sports team apparel or the team’s colors (in your size, i.e. a T-shirt and matching panties)
  3. Wear something of his (i.e., hat, ball cap, hard hat, helmet, baseball glove, tool belt, tie)
  4. Wear something that pertains to his profession or his favorite hobby (i.e., if he loves to cook, wear a chef’s hat and apron; if he is a construction worker or is handy, wear a hard hat and tool belt; if he is a politician, stand behind his campaign sign wearing very little; if he likes country music, wear a cowboy hat and boots.
  5. If this is a gift for your groom, wear all white: stockings, very high heels, veil, lingerie, and/or your wedding dress.


  1. Long pearl necklace, choker, earrings
  2. Teddy, boy shorts, thong, matching robe or lingerie cover.
  3. Unscuffed high heel shoes.  If you don’t already have them, purchase $10 high heels just for your shoot at Shoe Land, Payless, etc. to keep down your expense.  Four inch heels are very sexy.
  4. Stockings are a MUST.
    1. Make sure the stockings are not so tight that they cause a bulge.
    2. Black stockings for dark outfits and white stockings for white outfits – especially bridal themes.
  5. For the bride: veil, garter, white stockings, white shoes, white lingerie


  1. Boa
  2. Red rose petals
  3. Man’s white dress shirt or tux shirt
  4. Man’s fedora black or gray hat
  5. Something belonging to your man
  6. Jersey or T-shirt of your man’s favorite sports team

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