Who Are Boudoir Candidates?

I hear from women all the time that they would like to do a boudoir photo shoot, but they don’t think they have a body for such things.  They say things like, “I need to lose weight first,” or “Who would want to see my big butt?”  I’m here to tell you that your body size or shape is not what boudoir is all about.  Boudoir is about YOU in provocative lingerie (or NOT!), in provocative poses with provocative attitudes.  If you think you look sexy, you will feel sexy and you will photograph sexy.  And it is all for your man!  He is attracted to you, right?  He will be even more attracted to you seeing you looking your very best (thanks to our makeup artists) and dressed as you would before . . . well . . . you know.  He can only imagine and by the time he gets home, HE WILL BE READY FOR YOU!  Just make sure he keeps your photo in his glove compartment or brief case for previews during the day.  Or slip a photo in his lunch bag on the day YOU’RE ready!

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Of course, you will have parts of your body you are self concious about. Who doesn’t? Even skinny women don’t like some parts of their bodies.  With all my portraits, whether a formal portrait or boudoir, I ask my clients what do they feel are their best features and what features are they self-concious about.  Then I ask them what does their husband or boyfriend think are their best features.  After all, these photos are for their man, so we must include some shots that focus on the features THEIR MAN likes! Right?  Most of the time my clients agree with their men, but occasionally, there is a difference of opinion.   Based on their answers, I will then pose them in ways that will flatter their figure and show off their best features. 

For the plus size woman who is self-concious about her belly and may have a double chin, lying on her stomach and looking up is one of the most flattering poses.  It also enhances that cleavage . . . an extra bonus!  As a matter of fact, this is a great pose for skinny women with small breasts.  Bottom line . . . this is a great pose for anyone!

Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation.  Your consultation will include a tour of our studio, we can make some suggestions for your shoot and we can get to know each other.  If you’re a bride thinking about boudoir as a groom’s gift, and your wedding is several months or a year away, a consultation with us now would benefit you.  We can give you ideas on what to look for to prepare for your shoot.  We will not pressure you for a booking; we just want to meet you and help you get started!


About fotoflixboudoir

We believe every woman is beautiful and we make her feel even more beautiful with our makeovers and our techniques with lighting and posing. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and to tour our studios and boudoir sets. 407-536-7026
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