ANNOUNCING  FOTO FLIX IS CLOSING THEIR DOORS.  We will not be taking any new clients beginning 11/3/17.  Any previous clients are welcome to call if they need any slideshows or portrait photography and, if it is possible, we will try to help you.  Thank you for your business.

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What is Boudoir Photography? Boudoir  (pronounced boo-dwah) is french for “a lady’s bedroom”.  Boudoir photography is photos of a woman as she is in the privacy of her bedroom. She is usually wearing lingerie or nothing at all.  It is by no means R rated . . .more like PG-13 rated. The woman’s body is portrayed in a tasteful way that merely IMPLIES that she may be nude.  Some women may prefer to wear lingerie the entire shoot.  The goal is to project the woman at her most sexy, and is usually given as a gift to her man.  Sometimes a woman may do one of these shoots just to preserve her beauty.  Remember the Sex in the City episode when Samantha posed nude just so she could look back years from now and remember how hot she was?  You don’t have to pose nude, but you get the idea.  Whatever the reason, a boudoir shoot will certainly boost your self-confidence, whether you need it or not!  We guarantee it!

About Your Individual Session

Donna Ditges is the owner and photographer of Foto Flix Photography.  She can provide a female hair and makeup artist, she has an extensive selection of props, jewelry and accessories, she will pose you to enhance your assets and minimize your imperfections and digitally enhance your photos to make you look your very best.  She can minimize or remove wrinkles, stretch marks and blemishes.  She can even make you look 20 lbs slimmer, if that’s what you want!  Your session can be 30 minutes or more. How many great shots we get depends on how relaxed you are with the camera and how much we plan.  Donna strives to make you feel relaxed and comfortable by playing your favorite music and finding out in advance what you are comfortable with.  She can make suggestions based on yours and your man’s interests to make your session as personal and individual as possible.  Your photos will make a great gift for your man, as a wedding, anniversary, Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s Day gift or just because you love him.  Or you could do it as a gift to yourself.  Whichever way you go, the photo session alone is a gift for you.  It will empower you by making you feel like a million bucks!

About Our Boudoir Parties

Round up 4 to 9 of your girlfriends and we will coordinate makeup artists, the party will take place at our studio (so you won’t have to do any cleaning-Yaaa!), we provide props and accessories and photograph you and your friends in your most flattering lingerie.   We have two options for parties:  a Mini Party or our Full Party. The sessions can be private, or you can have a friend in the room with you if that will make you more comfortable.  Your party can last 5-7 hours depending on the number in your party and whether you choose a mini or full party package.  You can have fun with it and do a pin-up, glamour or Old Hollywood style shoot, just lingerie, almost nude or even some role playing.  You can combine all these styles at no extra charge.  Our clients have told us the whole experience makes them feel like a celebrity.  Plus the “girlfriend” atmosphere relaxes our clients which means they will have much better results.  For more information, view our Package Descriptions page.

Be sure and subscribe to our Blog.  We give tips and suggestions on poses, how to prepare for a boudoir shoot, links to websites where you can purchase clothing and props pertaining to your theme.  Or the links can just provide inspiration for your shoot. Of course, if you are planning to do a shoot, we will meet with you, help you select a theme and clothing needed . . . basically give you everything you need to know so you will be ready.  Part of making you comfortable in front of the camera is making sure you know exactly what to expect. Find out what makes us stand out…  read this article.   

Contact Us

Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.  Your consultation will include a tour of our studio, we can make some suggestions for your shoot, you will leave with exactly what to do to prepare for your shoot and we can get to know each other.  It is very important to feel comfortable with your photographer for such a personal and intimate shoot.  For more detail, view our article entitled, “What to Expect.”  Whether you are looking for a sexy boudoir shoot, pin up, burlesque or Hollywood glamour, our hair and makeup artists and photographer can make you look like a million bucks.