Pinup Photography in Our Garden

When you come to Foto Flix Photography for your photo session, you will leave feeling empowered from the experience and richer from the relationships you have gained.  We don’t want our relationship to end with just one photo session; we want to be a part of your life.

We hope you’ll love our photography and retouches so much, you’ll want us to provide all your photography needs such as family portraits, high school senior portraits and business portraiture.

Below is a gallery of our latest Pinup photo session.  We have several options for outdoor photography in our half-acre garden. We have landscaped it as several different “rooms.” The photos below were taken in the Country Room.  Our client is wearing our costumes and accessories.

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If you haven’t already, be sure to view our galleries of other portraiture.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll show you the many options we offer for a truly unique photography session with one of Orlando’s up-and-coming portrait photographers.

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Difference Between a Snapshot and a Portrait

Many of my potential clients (the ones who do not book me), have the idea that professional photography is just pushing a button.  Why do they need to pay such high prices when their friend or family member can push a button?

A candid photo of you as you look everyday is just a snapshot.  Some people (especially men) prefer this type of photography.  If a snapshot is all you want, then by all means do not waste your money on a professional photographer.  Anyone can take a snapshot.

However, if you want portraits of you or your family that make you look better than you do in real life, i.e., puts you in poses that make you look slimmer or reduces the size of your nose or makes that one “crazy” eye look normal; a portrait that has great use of lighting and “looks professional;” we encourage you to hire a professional like Donna Ditges at Foto Flix Photography.

added tan Donna’s clients rant and rave over how good they look in their poses and especially over their retouches.  Donna can remove all your cellulite and wrinkles, if that’s what you want.  Some people prefer just a slight reduction of wrinkles; whatever her clients want, that is what Donna will provide.

Read this article by Rachael Michelle of Belleville, Illnois for a more detailed explanation:

Contact us today and schedule your professional portrait session.  We do boudoir, glamour, family portraits and high school senior portraits. Just recently we have added use of our half acre garden at our studio location.  The garden has a pond, fountain, outdoor fireplace, swings, and lots of trees and gardens for plenty of variety and beautiful backgrounds.  View more family and portrait photography in this Gallery.DSC_0128_1 crop2 webWe look forward to hearing from you today!  Ask about our $50 and $75 product credits available.

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Model Application

We are searching for amateur models for several types of photography.

For more details, read our Model Call Newsletter here

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Complimentary Retouches

At your photo session, we try very hard to get the most flattering photos of you.  However, sometimes, when our clients are selecting their favorite photos, they may see one they really like “if only….”  We tell them to let us know if there is something in a photo they don’t like, because some things we can fix with Photoshop. 

With Photoshop, we can make you look slimmer, remove unsightly bruises, stretchmarks and cellulite or even fix hair that is out-of-place.  We perform some photo corrections free of charge; however, major fixes that are very time consuming do incur additional charges.  We let you know beforehand which changes may be costly.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go over the retouches that are included.

Photo Edits – First, we edit your photos at your party or individual photo shoot as follows:  color correction and cropping. These initial edits are shown ON THE SAME DAY immediately following your photo session.

Basic Retouches – After you select your favorite photos for your photo book or print purchase, we will perform basic retouches as follows at no extra charge:

    • Apply skin smoothing
    • Sharpen and/or brighten the eyes
    • Minimal wrinkle, cellulite & stretch mark reduction
    • Removal of light cords or obvious distractions

Basic v AdvancedAdvanced Retouches –  require an extra charge and include:

Click on photo to enlarge

Fig. 1 Click on photo to enlarge

    • Major wrinkle reduction
    • Major slimming
    • Complete cellulite removal
    • Color spot (black and white with some color returned; See Fig. 1)
    • Any additional time consuming photo manipulation
    • Green screen
    • Pin up poster or vintage effects
    • Magazine cover

We guarantee your retouches will be ready for your approval within three (3) business days after you select your favorite photos.

Contact us today and schedule your boudoir experience.  We guarantee, you will have a blast!

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Boudoir makes a great Valentine gift for your man as well as yourself.   GUYS!  Gift certificates are available to give to her.  She will love feeling like a supermodel and you will get a gift, too, when you get the photos!

We have limited availability so don’t delay.  Depending on the album or other products you choose, delivery may take 5-10 days.  YOO HOO! GIRLS!  If you have procrastinated, don’t worry.  We can create a Valentine or anniversary or birthday card to give your man until your album or calendar arrives.  Also, prints can be delivered in as little as a 2 days after your final selection.  We get your photos to you in record time because we don’t overbook.  It is important to us that you get the very best retouches, because you are purchasing the best money can buy with a Foto Flix Photography session.  We guarantee your retouches 3 DAYS AFTER you select your photos.


maroon jewel bow REVISED

B4 N After Jena

Makeup by Bella – Orlando’s Best – click to enlarge

We are a little more expensive than other boudoir photographers, but we are worth it. Most of our clients hire us for our variety of poses (click here to view gallery), phenomenal retouches (click here to view), and the AMAZING makeovers by makeup artist, Bella.  We have lots of props, bling and ideas, you get to view your photos the same day, and, if you choose, we prepare a Posing Plan during your 1-2 hour complimentary consultation.  A boudoir session with us is not just a photo session, it is an experience!  You will feel like a supermodel.   2014 is the best year to do a boudoir session, as our prices can’t remain as low as they are much longer.

Our individual sessions start at $225 and our girlfriend sessions start at $450

Contact us today to book a boudoir photo session and save $51 on an 8X8 giclee photo album with up to 18 retouched images. We have lots of other albums (from 5X5 to 12X12 sizes and starting at $150) and many more products to choose from … gallery block art, calendars, prints in a box, deck of cards.  Or save money with our bundled packages.  You will feel like a supermodel and a photo session with us will boost your self-confidence, whether you need it or not!  Oh yeah!  And your man will LOVE your photos!

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Collages and Composites

At Foto Flix Photography, you get more than just a retouched print in a photobook.  We also offer collages and composites as enlargements.

****Watermarks are removed from client’s copy****

11x14 boudoir web


Carolyn collage 4 pix web

Not only do we create boudoir experiences, we also provide family and high school senior portraits.  Our clients can choose a traditional studio setting or save a $100 location fee by using our beautiful 1/2 acre garden for outdoor sessions.  View some of our garden portrait sessions in this gallery.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Your consultation will include a tour of our studio, many props and costumes and see our many products.  We have more than just photo books and prints.

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Your Retouches Are Phenomenal!

We hear this from so many of our clients, skinny as well as plus sized ladies.  Our clients view their photos immediately following their session –  ON THE SAME DAY!  No waiting days or weeks wondering if their photos turned out.  And we pride ourselves in getting the retouches done within 3 business days after their session.  I tell our clients, “If there is a photo that you absolutely LOVE, if only . . . .” then tell me and we can probably fix it.

Back roll removal


There’s no better time than now to preserve your beauty, so stop waiting until you’ve lost “just a few more pounds.”  With our poses and retouches, we’ll make you LOOK like you’ve lost a few pounds!  For instance, many of my clients tell me their husband or boyfriend loves her derriere. The only problem is … poses that accentuate the derriere usually create back rolls.  Not a problem for Foto Flix Photography.  We can fix it in Photoshop and make it look natural. What do you think? We would love to hear from you.  Just leave a comment below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of our advanced retouches may include removing an arm to make the girl’s waist look smaller or a piece of hair to improve the look.  These are all things that could be done in the camera; however, this would reduce the client’s camera time.  Less camera time means fewer choices.  Our clients prefer to pay a nominal fee for unlimited advanced retouches to get more great shots without having to pay for more camera time.

Most of our clients hire us for our retouches and our variety of poses. View all our Galleries here.

We value our clients and “go the extra mile” to help them get the most out of their sessions. We are the only photographer in our area who gives you access to an online Posing Training video and we are the only photographer who takes the time to create a Pose Plan unique to your body issues. This Plan helps us give you more great shots in a small amount of time.  You will have more confidence going into a photo session with us knowing exactly which poses we are going to do. We also offer a Rewards Plan so you can build credits toward your photo shoot.  All you have to do is send us referrals.

We cost a little more than other boudoir photographers, but we are worth it!  Our makeup artists, photo sessions, retouches and photo products are the highest quality.  We want our clients to feel their photos couldn’t have been any better.  We have a client who says she hates looking at herself in personal photos, but she LOVES looking at her boudoir photos.  This has been the best compliment ever!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Your consultation will include a tour of our studio, many props and costumes and see our many products.  We have more than just photo books and prints.

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